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Shalax Process Equipments takes great pleasure in introducing itself as one of the leading organization provides Design ,Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing , Erection & Commissioning to various generic industries such as Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, etc in compliance with Global standards for optimizing customer processes.

Shalax Process Equipments was incepted in 2010 by young Technocrats with support of team professionals, with several years of active involvement in Manufacturing, Erection and Commissioning of process plant equipment.

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Our Business

Shalax Process Equipments is known for its exceptional ability to Design, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture and Erect Static, Rotary & tailor made Equipments, each built to fulfill code and client individual requirements. Equipments like Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Storage Tanks, Agitated Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns, etc with outstanding quality, precision, complexity and Third Party Inspection.

Our activities encompass Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing and Erection. We also provide commissioning assistance in Civil and Mechanical. We undertake project for site fabrication of Storage Tanks, heavy structures and piping. We also carry out surface linings such as lead bonding, PP/FRP lining, acid proof brick lining, rubber lining etc .

Over the years, our company has been steadily building our presence in every sector and throughout the nation.

Our Experience

We have a team of young, dynamic & qualified technocrats with around 20 years of varied experience in the field of equipment design and manufacturing, structural fabrication, erection, piping, site Storage Tanks and other related works.

Gathering knowledge and experience on the way since its inception in 2010, our company has provided products and services to a number of diverse base clients under various third party agencies such as TUV, DNV, ABS, LLOYDS, and QUEST etc.

Shalax Process Equipments facilities and working practices have been developed over many years of experience to meet the demanding requirements of the industry.

Our Deliveries

An inventory of commonly used material is maintained at all times. An excellent relationship with renowned industry vendors allows us to receive preferential treatment and quick response long lead-time items. With a systematically approach for project planning and documentation along with standardization of procedures we are able to satisfy all its customers with timely deliveries. Our testimonials section shows the appreciation of our esteemed clients for timely deliveries.

Our Clients

The cornerstone for our success and growth has been created by building a partnership with our customers. Over the years, Shalax Process Equipments has gained the trust from our customers and accumulated an impressive list of clientele from different regions and different businesses. Our commitments towards customers have earned a reputation of being a Reliable Partner.

While we expanded our clientele reach, our core values have remained the same, and that is to deliver as per "Commitment" and "Excellence in workmanship". With the strong backbone of employee resources in engineering, project management, manufacturing and quality department, we deliver projects with total customer satisfaction. As such, Valuable testimonials from renowned Multi National Corporations are showcased in the testimonials section on this website.


We will place our customers at the centre of all our actions. We will remain focused on building client relationships and loyalty through culture of service orientation. We will make available and deliver by all visible channels, a comprehensive range of Products and services to our esteemed client base.

We will value innovation highly. Our passion for it will enable us to be at the sharp end of modern management methods and technological advances to ensure that we have the best resources and know how for our clients & suppliers base across the globe.

We will develop a sense of pride, ownership and responsiveness across all levels of our company. This will reflect in our dealings with clients, suppliers and fellow employees.

We will always espouse the culture of team-work and to be receptive to forces of change in all spheres or work with a management style that will be friendly, open and fair.

Whilst remaining focused on our clients, suppliers and stakeholders, we will be aware of our responsibility towards the community and contribute constructively to our local, social and economic environment

Shalax Process Equipments is an integrated Design & Manufacturing company specializing in the Engineering, Development, Manufacturing, Erection and Commissioning of Process Equipments.

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our customers.

With great consideration of the link between their long-term sustainability and our own, we will partner with our customers to meet their process challenges with Sound solutions, Excellent Products and superior service. In turn, we will create value for our stakeholders, and meet the expectations of the manufacturers we represent.


Our philosophy is to under promise and over deliver, keep our promises and always follow through. To take responsibility for our actions, respect each other equally, and act with honesty and courage.


With respect and forthrightness, we are committed towards professional service. Treating people with dignity, caring passionately for our environment, and understanding customer needs with empathy.


Taking pride in what we do, we set high standards for ourselves and others, never compromising in our workmanship. We pursue excellence through continued improvement and professionalism. Let Matrix be the beacon of quality.

Our People

We are committed to improving what we do every day, and this includes our people. We encourage and support individuality, development, autonomy, interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork. The existence of our Company is built on the foundation of the people who work within it. We recognize their efforts and sacrifices as the success of our business.


We will always be receptive to new ideas and industry leading technologies, and we embrace the future and changes the future brings with enthusiasm. We harbour an appreciation for creative discovery and innovation which provides our clients with the best solutions. Our collective strengths will enable the Company to thrive.

We have stated our endeavors as "Improvement of customer satisfaction", "Emphasis on the job satisfaction of employees", "Sensing change and moving in advance, emphasis on creative technology", "Through implementation of compliance”, "Pursuit of no casualties in accidents or disasters on the job"

Philosophy :

We create value useful to society with technology and sincerity to contribute to a prosperous future.

Our management stance -

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Enhancing employee satisfaction

Attitude towards work

Making safety the first priority

Thorough implementation of compliance

Always pursuing quality

Standards of business behavior

Strive boldly to achieve success

Communicate with sincerity

Learn widely, think deeply

People :

Since its inception SHALAX has given out most importance and values its people and prowess.

Our core strength lies in the skilled and dedicated work force on the shop floor in the key area, a majority of them who have been with us for over decades.

We recognize the importance and value of bringing together individuals and their different perspectives to the company. We strive to create an environment to allow each individual employee to bring out his/her best. Today, with a skilled and committed workforce, we continue to provide the best value to our clients.

Our people are as practical as our business is.  We employ creative people from diverse backgrounds

We offer our clients a stable team of skilled professionals who crave the challenge of working on a large range of different projects.   We take great pride in our professionalism and our talent for innovation.

Our people include:

Mechanical Engineers

Structural Engineers

Process Engineers

Project Managers


Qualified Welders


Training :

Training brings out the potential of each employee. We provide training & development opportunity for our employees to grow with the company. New engineers are regularly encouraged and are enrolled in to training Programs.

Well experienced Welding Consultants are regularly invited to our workshop to give training with respect to Welding Techniques, Welding Procedure Qualifications, Welding defects and more. In this fast moving society, we must keep pace with the development and continuous learning enables our employees to update their knowledge and skills to stay at par.

Safety :

At SHALAX PROCESS EQUIPMENTS, we are committed to promoting and protecting the health, safety and well - being of employees and the environment through comprehensive educational and management initiatives.

The safety of our employees work is our top priority. Our goal is to make a workplace that is free from an accident and injuries. We believe that occupational health and safety at our workplace is an investment for our employees. We provide a safe working environment for all our employees and ensure personnel are trained to carry out their work safely.

As part of our corporate objectives, we shall continuously strive to improve Health, Safety and Environment's performance with an ultimate objective to achieve Zero Accident at our workplaces. HSE performance is everyone's responsibility.

We conduct safety training sessions periodically with respect to routine basic but critical operations in fabrication activity such as Grinding, Cutting, Welding and Material Handling, and also conduct routine audits to observe safety on shop floor.

Shalax Process Equipments banks on innovative designs and flawless engineering. We are always evolving with time using latest technologies, automated software and advanced resources integrations. This enables us to provide veritable & prolific industrial & sustenance solutions to our clientele. We also abide by the standards for producing the most efficient & safe products for various generic industries.

We comply with IS, ASME, DIN, API, TEMA standards for engineering designs.

Mechanical Design :

  • Efficient mechanical blueprints par excellence with comprehensive engineering infrastructure
  • For flawless designing authentic software like ChemCAD, AutoCAD & PV Elite, Tekla ,CADWorx, ANSYS, PDMS, etc are used. In special cases usage of bespoke utility software is opted for.
  • Outsourcing of Finite Element Analysis & thermal machine designing
  • Drafting of design is done with clarity, detailing and transparency

Associations with some of the leading engineering design consultants, and our in house engineering team, we offer complete Process Design, Mechanical Design of critical Equipments and Processes, Piping, instrumentation, equipment layout, electrical, FEA, stress analysis, and structural design.

Apart from our strong engineering team, we have partnerships with experienced engineering consultants specializing in process design, equipment detailing & layout, instrumentation, piping, and stress analysis.


Shalax Process Equipments is dedicated to customer satisfaction so we continually improve our Infrastructure, Processes and Services in order to achieve a higher quality.

Quality Process of a project starts with specification and code reviews, Design, drawings and project schedule. In addition to our standard quality procedures, we are also creating custom QAP for each project depending on the Technical Specifications provided by our Clients. We are aware of that every project schedule shall be planned including Quality processes in order to achieve delivery times.

Quality Control of a project is handled as a continuous process starting from reception of enquiries, advancing with proper material procurement and strict inspections at fabrication, finalized with preparation of the Comprehensive Quality File at the end of the project. We apply controls at every stage of fabrication which can be classified as incoming, first article, in-process, pre-finish and final product inspections.

Our almost idealized QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) systems are results of our feedback practices over our well-evaluated, vast experiences.

We are sustaining our overall quality consciousness by working with top professionals and keeping our team educated in all related fields.

In order to identify issues and validate corrective and improving actions we continuously monitor, analyze and enhance all internal and external processes affecting the quality of our fabrications and other services.

We strictly require Mill Certificates for all raw materials procured, all incoming material inspected and stamped, our robust Quality control system thus ensures complete material traceability which is documented and provided as a dossier to clients

We have in excess of 20 WPS/PQRs for a range of material, and thicknesses. All our welding personnel are qualified & certified according to EN ISO 9606-1 for the type of welding they perform. We also have welding experts who train and advise the personnel on best practices. Our surface treatment activities such as passivation, polishing, galvanization, powder coating, painting etc. are monitored, measured and controlled by certified inspectors. We provide Traceability of the material throughout our fabrication process. As a result of traceability records and documentation, all of our processes can retrospectively be tracked down.

We also apply all kind of NDT (Non-destructive Tests) such as Visual inspection, Liquid penetrate inspection (LPT), Magnetic particle testing (MT), Radiographic inspection (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Vacuum Testing, Eddy current testing (ET) or other required methods like tension test, pressure test, leakage test, etc. determined at the technical specifications and QAP of the projects. We have well documented procedures for Hydraulic testing, Agitator assembly and testing. Our dedicated Quality team ensures strict compliance to QAP and approved SOPs.


Third party inspection

An inspection document folder is submitted along with supply.

We are equipped sato manufacture various components and equipments in accordance with Standards and Third party inspection like ALIPL, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds, Quest, etc.


Our Customers

Quality is the degree to which products and services satisfy the expectation and requirements of our customer. The process begins by identifying the absolute standard understanding the material involved, and agreeing upon the desired key attribute. A set of specifications is agreed on by both the customers and SPE when applicable. The process is made dynamic by soliciting frequent review of our performance with our customers to ensure quality consistency.

Our Suppliers

To help accomplish all of the above SPE expects its suppliers to deliver material that conform to our requirements. This process also begins with identifying the absolute standard understanding the material involved. And agreeing upon the desires key attributes. A set of specification is then agreed on by both the supplier and SPE when applicable. The process is kept active by periodic performance

Our Employees

By empowering employees team with the authority to implement innovative quality improvements. SPE can design and produce better product to the highest standards while providing better customer service.

Our Ojectives

We are committed to establishing and reviewing objectives as part of our continual improvement process. We will meet customer expectation and improve productivity and efficiencies. We take accountability for the effectiveness of our quality management system promoting the process approach and risk-based thinking.